Women In Energy Forum

Women In Energy Forum

Date: TBC

Cape Town International Convention Centre

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Event Overview

Breaking Barriers: The Role of Women in Shaping Africa's Energy Future

Amidst a transformative shift in the African energy sector, there’s a growing recognition of the indispensable role women play in steering sustainable energy solutions, innovation, and economic development. Despite the traditionally male-dominated nature of the industry, African women are breaking barriers, contributing significantly, and leading positive change in diverse roles within the sector.

The Africa Energy Indaba recognises the importance of gender diversity and is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment, promoting equal opportunities, and encouraging women to pursue careers in the energy sector. The event provides a platform for women to engage, learn, explore business opportunities and partnerships aimed at empowering women to take on leadership roles in energy.  To further support and connect women in the African Energy Sector, a formal Women In Energy Forum business breakfast will be hosted, providing key industry insights.

Liz Hart, Managing Director of the Africa Energy Indaba, commented on the significance of women in the African energy sector, stating, “The African energy landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, and women are at the forefront of this positive change. Their contributions are essential in achieving sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy solutions across the continent. We are proud to support and amplify their voices in the industry.”

By empowering women in the African energy sector, the Africa Energy Indaba is helping to address critical energy challenges while simultaneously advancing gender equality and driving economic development.

Themes to be discussed

The Forum agenda will explore the broader renewable energy, wind and solar solution potential in Africa. Focused sessions on wind power development, utility solar, rooftop solar, off-grid, mini-grid and energy storage opportunities and solutions will be featured. Renowned African and international expert speakers will share their insights and knowledge around the business opportunities available for the benefit of the Continent. Topics include:

Leadership and Innovation

Explore how women are taking on leadership roles, driving innovation, and advancing clean energy solutions.

Community Engagement

Discuss the crucial role women play in engaging and empowering local communities to embrace clean energy solutions.


Explore the increasing entrepreneurial endeavors of African women in the energy sector, contributing to economic growth and energy access.

Research and Development

Delve into the active involvement of women in energy research and development, pioneering technologies for energy efficiency and sustainability.


Women In Energy Forum

Date: TBC