Nuclear Forum

Nuclear Forum

Date: TBC

Cape Town International Convention Centre

Official Side Event
Event Overview

The Potential of Nuclear Technology for Africa's Energy Future

Welcome to the Nuclear Forum, a premier official side event at the Africa Energy Indaba, where pivotal discussions are set to shape the African energy landscape. This Forum provides a unique platform to delve into the profound advancements, challenges, and opportunities that nuclear technology presents in meeting the energy demands of our continent. As we collectively explore the possibilities, anticipate insightful discussions and gain a glimpse into the future of nuclear energy, let’s usher in a new era of sustainable, safe, and reliable energy for Africa.

Be a part of discussions on key issues, including nuclear regulation for new build programs, NECSA’s role in South Africa’s nuclear industry expansion, and the global response to nuclear energy at COP28. We will also delve into the value proposition of nuclear power for Africa and the establishment and growth of a local nuclear industry supply chain. With a focus on developments and the deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) for Africa, the Nuclear Forum is a unique platform to shape a brighter and cleaner energy future for the African continent. As an integral part of the Africa Energy Indaba, this event is your opportunity to engage with industry experts and thought leaders.

Join us at the Nuclear Forum as we usher in a new era of sustainable, safe, and reliable energy through the exploration of Advanced Nuclear Technologies. Together, we pave the way for a brighter and cleaner future for the African continent.

Themes to be discussed

Nuclear Regulation of New Build Programs

Navigate the regulatory landscape for the implementation of new nuclear projects.

NECSA's Role in South Africa's Nuclear Industry Expansion

Explore the contributions and advancements in South Africa's nuclear industry.

World's Response to Nuclear Energy at COP28

Discuss global perspectives and responses to nuclear energy in the context of COP28.

Value Proposition of Nuclear Power for Africa

Uncover the unique advantages and contributions of nuclear power to Africa's energy needs.

Establishing and Growing a Local Nuclear Industry Supply Chain

Delve into the strategies and considerations for building a sustainable local nuclear industry.

Developments and Deployment of SMRs for Africa

Explore the latest advancements and potential deployment of Small Modular Reactors to meet Africa's energy demands.

Nuclear Forum Sponsors


KEPCO is Korea’s iconic power company with a proud of history of 126 years, leading the nation’s industries and economy. KEPCO has six wholly-owned generation subsidiaries including KHNP as well as has major nuclear subsidiaries including KEPCO E&C, KEPCO NF, KEPCO KPS and KEPCO KDN.

KEPCO has served as the leader of Team Korea over the last 50 years for nuclear sector and plays a key role in promoting the capabilities of Korea’s nuclear sector including engineering, manufacturing, construction and operation & maintenance of NPPS.

KEPCO operates a total of 38 overseas energy projects in 19 countries in various segments including Nuclear, Thermal, New & Renewable (Wind&Solar), Transmission & Distribution and Resource development, and stands out as a comprehensive energy solution provider with excellent technological abilities on the energy sector.


State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC) is one of China’s five power generation groups, with businesses covering centralized power and heat generation, consumer-side integrated smart energy, green power to X, power-related and supporting segments, and asset-light businesses. SPIC owns all generation types including PV, wind, nuclear, hydro, coal, gas and biomass, with PV power capacity ranking 1st in the world. SPIC has constructed 4 AP1000 units with 8 nuclear power units under construction. It has developed Guohe One (CAP1400), a large-scale advanced PWR nuclear power technology with our own intellectual property rights.  Ranking 262nd among the Fortune Global 500, SPIC is committed to becoming a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness.


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Nuclear Forum

Date: TBC