Africa Gas Forum

Africa Gas Forum

6 March 2025

Cape Town International Convention Centre

Official Side Event
Event Overview

Explore Africa's booming oil and gas potential at the 10th Annual Africa Gas Forum

The 10th Africa Gas Forum, aligned as an official side event to the Africa Energy Indaba at the CTICC in Cape Town, serves as a crucial platform for industry leaders to discuss and contribute to Africa’s growing energy sector. The continent’s oil and gas sector is poised for significant growth over the next two decades, fueled by population rise, urbanization, and an emerging wealthier middle class. The forum addresses country-specific opportunities and regional challenges, covering exploration, licensing, gas transition, tax changes, infrastructure, and security.

Africa, with its vast natural gas potential, is positioned to be a leading gas market and a significant player in liquefied natural gas (LNG) development. Despite substantial gas discoveries, foreign and private investment is crucial for realizing the infrastructure associated with these findings. Africa’s shale gas exploration is also on the rise, triggered by emerging technologies and government assessments. As global economies increasingly shift towards gas-based energy solutions, there’s a predicted surge in investment across natural gas supply chains. This evolution presents opportunities for value creation from flared gas and the adoption of innovative technologies for gas transportation from remote offshore fields. 

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), natural gas demand is expected to outpace oil and coal growth by 1.6% annually in the next five years. This trend is driven by factors like abundant supply, low prices, and its role in reducing air pollution.

Attend this event to learn more about the opportunities of the Gas Sector in Africa.

Themes to be discussed

A looming gas crisis

With the gas supply from Mozambique reducing, South African gas consumers are left vulnerable – how do we accelerate efforts for alternative gas supply?

The ‘beginning of the end’ for fossil fuels

With the COP28 agreement signalling the transitioning away from fossil fuel, is there still a role for gas in the African Energy Transition?

A multiuse gas economy

How does Africa secure gas demand across the electricity, fuel, industrial, and transport sectors to drive regional infrastructure development?

A collaborative effort

What is the role of private and public sector in enabling the African gas economy?

Regional economic development

How does Africa benefit from our domestic resources and what is the role of LNG?

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Africa Gas Forum

6 March 2025

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