Renewable Sector Prepares Just Transition Roadmap for Declining Coal and Gold Mining Regions

South Africa’s renewable energy sector has revealed the preparation of a transition roadmap that seeks to speed up and assist the mobilisation of wind and solar energy in regions where gold and coal mining are on the decline. By incorporating employment and industrialisation in the renewable industry, the roadmap will accelerate economic activity and produce job opportunities in the affected areas.

Thought leadership and energy deal flow high on the agenda at the 12th Africa Energy Indaba

Energy is a key driver for Africa’s economic growth. The business opportunity linked to developing Africa’s energy infrastructure and the electrification of the continent will be a key focus of the 2020 Africa Energy Indaba. For over a decade, the annual Africa Energy Indaba has served as the connection point for investments into Africa’s energy sector catering to opportunities from small renewable energy projects to billion dollar utility tenders.

Insights from the 2019 World Energy Council Congress

Representing the World Energy Council regional event for Africa, the Africa Energy Indaba will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa from 3 – 4 March 2020.

The Africa Energy Indaba attended and represented Africa at the recent World Energy Council Congress, which took place in September in Abu Dhabi. This four day event highlighted the serious business of energy transition and the emerging challenges of managing a successful whole energy system transformation, in context of global uncertainty, climate change impacts and cyber security threats. The Africa Energy Indaba will continue the discussions hosted at the World Energy Council Congress, through the various panels to be hosted in March 2020.

SANEA Announcement: World Energy Trilemma Index 2019

The World Energy Trilemma Index 2019 with relevance to Africa, to form core discussions at the 12th Africa Energy Indaba 2020. The South African National Energy Association (SANEA) is the South African member of the World Energy Council and is a strategic partner of the African Energy Indaba. The World Energy Council in consultation with its member countries, defines energy sustainability according to three core dimensions: Energy Security, Energy Equity (accessibility and affordability), and Environmental Sustainability of Energy Systems.

Africa Energy Indaba 2019 Highlights

The much-anticipated Africa Energy Indaba Conference held in collaboration with strategic partners, the World Energy Council, NEPAD Agency and SANEA was yet again, a raging success. The conference outcomes proved highly successful in addressing key issues impacting the African energy sector while devising solutions to best mitigate these concerns.